The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds

The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds
Editorial Content Manager
The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds
Christopher King
Editorial Content Manager
Christopher King is an editorial content manager at Clarivate Analytics, using data from the Web of Science and other Clarivate resources to present analyses of the world’s most active and influential research centers and individuals. He holds degrees from Lafayette College in Easton, PA, and Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

With the vast store of citation statistics shared across its component databases, the Web of Science stands as the most authoritative compendium of influence and visibility in worldwide research. And now, reflecting new analysis of recent data, the Web of Science anchors an updated presentation of the world’s top-cited researchers.

As our recently released white paper describes, Clarivate Analytics has assembled an updated roster of more than 3,300 Highly Cited Researchers. These researchers have distinguished themselves by publishing a high number of papers that rank in the top 1% most-cited in their respective fields over a recent 11-year period. Such consistent production of highly cited reports indicates that the work of these researchers has been repeatedly judged by their peers to be of notable significance and utility.

In addition to discussing HCRs and the methodology that goes into identifying them, the white paper updates another annual Web of Science-based listing – one that identifies authors of high-impact work according to slightly different criteria. These are the Hottest Researchers, whose relatively new work, published over a recent two-year period, has earned unusually high numbers of citations. These authors have fielded markedly high numbers of Hot Papers, which are reports that – unlike the majority of papers, which can take years to accumulate citations – start racking up cites shortly after publication.

The 21 authors specified in this latest listing as the “hottest” have contributed high-impact reports on cancer genomics, cancer treatment, solar cells, and gene editing, among other topics.

Demonstrating consistent citation impact over the short and the long term, all but two of the Hottest Researchers are also included in the ranks of the HCRs. But whether “Highly Cited” or “Hot,” these researchers are making a significant impact.

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